Publié par Simone Civetta

Il y a 3 ans

Platform-Specific implementations in Kotlin Multiplatform

Photo by Devon Rogers on Unsplash In our last article, we covered how to structure your Kotlin project in order to support the Multiplatform features. However, in order to share portions of code between platforms and to define platform-specific implementations, we need to leverage some additional configurations and some interesting language features which we’re going to show in...

Publié par Simone Civetta

Il y a 4 ans

Understanding The Basics of Kotlin Multiplatform Projects with Kotlin 1.3

With the recently announced Kotlin 1.3 comes a massive overhaul of Kotlin Multiplatform and a new DSL for creating projects capable of sharing code between different platforms, such as Kotlin for JVM, Kotlin for JavaScript and Kotlin/Native. In this article we’ll go through the key aspects of the new API and explain how you can use it...

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