Il y a 13 ans -

Temps de lecture 2 minutes

Xebia donnera 3 présentations lors de la conférence Agile 2010

Agile 2010 est la principale conférence internationale sur les méthodes agiles dans le développement logiciel. Elle se tiendra du 9 au 13 août 2010 à Orlando en Floride.
La conférence Agile 2010 réunit de nombreuses disciplines dans les domaines des Systèmes d’Information et du développement logiciel. Elle crée ainsi des ponts entre des communautés qui ont rarement l’occasion d’échanger autour de leurs idées.

Lors de l’édition 2010, 3 Xebians auront le plaisir d’être sur scène pour vous faire partager leurs expériences et leur vision :

Mind the Gap! Principles of hyperproductive fully distributed Scrum

  • Presenter: Guido Schoonheim (CTO of Xebia Group)
  • Level: Practicing
  • Presentation: The author and Jeff Sutherland previously showed (at Agile2008,2009) Scrum teams using XP practices achieved distributed velocity equal to local velocity with multiple distributed teams. This was shown under extreme timezones and at large scale development. The authors have formalized the principles & practices that are the foundation for hyperproductive fully distributed Scrum. This framework has been published as free e-book and is the subject of this presentation. New experiences and figures on recent projects will be shared to illustrate the pitfalls and success points.

A graphical approach to improve the cost/benefit ratio of user stories

  • Presenter: Maurits Rijk (Senior Consultant at Xebia)
  • Level: Practicing
  • Short summary: User stories are a great way to capture requirements and are successfully used in many projects. Every user story comes with a business value and a effort needed to implement the story, usually in software. Since there are almost always more requirements than budget (or any other limiting factor like time, available resources, etc) decisions have to be made on which stories to pick up in which order. Usually the stories are prioritized by the product owner and put on a textual product backlog. We will show how a graphical overview will stimulate the right side of our brains.

Unleash the Agile power: bridge the Gap between Development and Operations.

  • Presenter: Wilco Koorn (Scrum Master and Team Member XebiaLabs)
  • Level: expert
  • Short summary: Enterprises traditionally distinct Development focusing on the creation of software and Operations focusing on the infrastructure. A natural gap between the two is caused by their key interest: change versus stability. Introducing Agile in Development confronts Operations with more work due to increased productivity and release frequencies. The power of Agile is not unleashed. A case study at KLM/Air France shows how this impediment was overcome and huge savings were achieved by implementing a self-service change control process for Development still under full control of Operations.


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